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China held a video conference with 10 Pakistan Hospitals to share China’s experience in the battle against COVID-19
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Accordingto data released by Pakistan National Health Department, 52 COVID-19 cases wereconfirmed in the country on March 17, and the total number of confirmed casesreached 235 on the same day. In this grim situation, Interventional RadiologySociety of Pakistan (IRSP) urgently reached out to ECO Microwave Company andChina Conference on Microwave Ablation (CCMA), hope to connect with China'sfront-line anti epidemic hospitals with their help and learn the practicalknowledge of managing the COVID-19 outbreak. CCMA and ECO Microwave contactedShangdong Chest Hospital immediately to build an international experienceexchange platform online and share China’s experience in the battle against COVID-19.

Avideo conference between 10 Pakistan hospitals and Shandong Chest Hospital was heldat 3pm on March 17. Professor Wu-zhang Wang, director of Respiratory andCritical Medicine Department and Medical Imaging Department, explained thediagnostic techniques and treatment of COVID-19 in detail, answered thequestions of Pakistan doctors and gave clinical suggestions.

"Covid-19 virus is a highly infectiousvirus. Therefore, we suggest that patients with mild symptoms should beisolated in time and treated intensively. If they are sent home to recover bythemselves, it may cause further spread of the epidemic. The self-protection ofmedical staff is also very important, and it is necessary to improve theprotection level as much as possible when conditions permit. " ProfessorWu-zhang Wang said. "We are grateful to the Chinese experts for what theyhave shared." said Professor Aman Nawaz Khan, chairman of InterventionalRadiology Society of Pakistan, after the program. He kept asking questions anddid his best to understand China's anti epidemic measures. "This is a newvirus that has never been encountered before. As the first country to fightagainst this virus, China has gained valuable experience in its anti epidemic practice."

AS a provincial designated hospital fro thetreatment of COVID-19 patients, Shandong Chest Hospital has treated a total of70 covid-19 patients, including 14 patients with critical and severe symptoms,the oldest patient was 88 years old. They are an experienced team.

We are in this togehter

"Unite experts in the world, sharewisdom and benefit more patients" is the vision of CCMA. After learningthe epidemic situation in foreign countries, ECO Microwave and CCMAcommunicated with domestic medical institutions immediately to shareexperiences and provide help to the severely affected areas, so as tocontribute to the containment of the epidemic.

There is no national boundary when facingthe epidemic, we are in this together and we need to fight back as one. At thecritical moment of global anti epidemic, China's experience in fighting thevirus seems even more precious. China and Pakistan are solid friends andall-weather strategic cooperative partners. We share weal and woe and share acommon destiny.

As for ECO Microwave, To contribute more to human healthis not justa slogan, it is our mission, we have been doing our very best to achieve it.

China is in action to promote the conceptof "a community with a shared future for mankind",  and convey confidence of anti-epidemic war. ShareChina's experience, so as to make more contributions to preventing the spreadof the epidemic.