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This winter, we meet in nanjing!
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Dec 12-13, 2015, by the China council for the association of minimally invasive treatment of tumor, tumor minimally invasive technology innovation strategic alliance, China hosted the first affiliated hospital of nanjing medical university and nanjing million high microwave systems engineering co., LTD to undertake "the first microwave ablation jinling peak BBS" will be held in nanjing zijin mountain villa.

The world microwave look at China, China microwave in jinling. Nanjing hundred million high microwave system engineering co., LTD., as the inventor of the microwave knife cold cycle, the cause of microwave ablation agents and beneficiaries, have been hoping that can do more contribution for microwave ablation, be grateful initiative and to undertake the microwave ablation jinling peak BBS "first", the BBS of great melting industry experts response and support.

The peak BBS is designed to show the latest academic achievements of microwave ablation. Participants for discussion and exchange each other, mutual touch spark, build consensus, expand the influence of microwave ablation technique in China and the world, to benefit more patients.

The organizing committee invites you to attend, talk of jinling, poly hui in the future!