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Welcome to join the ECO family !

There are only a few critical moments in life for most people. If you choose ECO today, it will become one of your most gratifying and proud decisions when you look back your life many years later. 

ECO has focused on the therapy and physiotherapy in medical equipment field, and has aspired to become No.1 in China and first-class in the world.“To help employees realize their own value and contribute more to human health” is our mission. Whether in the past or in the future, the medical device industry is one of very few sunrise industries which can continue to develop rapidly in China. Especially in recent years, under the strong support of national policy, ECO has a brilliant future.


ECO’s employment principle is “character first, attitude second”. In ECO, a good character usually includes honesty, aspirant, and responsibility. Honesty is the most important quality at ECO.


From the first day of the company's establishment, we have put standardization and  systematic management as the business guidelines. We believe that only a good system can ensure that we work together to effectively carry out the work. Construction and continuous improvement of the system is the company's long-term strategic objectives.


The whole world knows that there is a Chinese company in the computer field named Lenovo, a Chinese company in the field of telecommunications named HUAWEI in the field of telecommunications. Let us work together, believe that one day, the whole world knows that there is a Chinese company in the field of medical equipment, her name is ECO.


ECO welcomes you, and ECO needs you.