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ECO Microwave

Founded in 2000, Nanjing ECO Microwave System Co., Ltd is the manufacturer covering microwave, laser and high frequency fields in China. The company takes the vision of "To be No. 1 in China, Top class in the world" and the mission of "helping employees realize their self-value and contribute more to the health of all mankind". Engaged in global microwave ablation field, so far ECO Microwave has successfully provided advanced treatment solutions to medical institutions in more than 80 countries and regions.

ECO Microwave has always attached great importance to investment in technological innovation and R & D, and has cooperated with medical institutions and research institutes around the world. Based on minimally invasive, the company has built three technical platforms of "laser, highfrequency and microwave", covering treatment, rehabilitation, household medical devices and medical beauty applications. In the microwave field, ECO provides abundant product line and original technology reserves, including its original water cooling system, pre-operative self-testing, intra-operative real-time monitoring and other technologies setting global standards. In the high frequency field, ECO has a wide range of products, including Plasma Systems, Electrosurgical Unit for both internal medicine and surgical dep., Ultrasonic Knife and Energy Platform. In the laser field, ECO has four major laser products and is continuously increasing the investment in this technology platform.


ECO products are positioned at the middle and high end, competing with international first-class medical devices manufacturers. The company's global marketing network layout, domestic and international two-wheel drive, has developed rapidly with more than twice the industry for more than 10 consecutive years. In the segment field of microwave medical equipment, ECO ranks high in the global market share, number of users, product types, sales and clinical applications among domestic competitors. Many of the products of the company have successively obtained CE certification, FDA approval, and have made a breakthrough in the large-scale export of Chinese high-end treatment equipment to developed countries in Europe and Latin America.

ECO Microwave also attaches great importance to the construction of an academic system, promotes the establishment of a minimally invasive alliance, and builds an ecological chain of minimally invasive treatment. ECO has cooperated with the Society of Interventional Oncology (SIO), Indian Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (ISVIR), Chinese Medical Education Association (CMEA) and other industry associations, created the China Conference on Microwave Ablation (CCMA) academic conference, facilitated “One Belt One Road” international strategic cooperation between hospitals to promote the global implementation of the  "Last Mile", and help China's wisdom, experts and technology move towards globalization.

ECO Microwave has always stayed committed to its mission. All ECO fighters continue to forge ahead, committed to exploring and meeting the needs of human health, and strive to initially realize the company's vision by 2030, build a century-lasting foundation by 2030, caring for the human health.