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Employee Care Committee

Employee care is the core idea of of "people oriented" in ECO, and also basic guarantee for the health and happiness of the employees and the sustainable development of the enterprise. 

Through a variety of forms of employee care,establish a healthy organization environment and enhance happiness of employees! 

In ECO, Close to health and Enjoy the life!

Growth always get the most attention in ECO, We grow from constant study...

In ECO, achieve more success with the team!

We enjoy the happiness from health and organize a variety of healthy activities.

In ECO, we not only get more understanding from colleagues, but also get more friends in spare time.

Growing in ECO, thanks to every employees’ contribution, and also every family behind every employee. With hard work, understanding and support from every family, ECO could develop forward rapidly.

We’re the one, and we enjoy the happiness from growth and health. All makes life in ECO so sweet.

In every special day that belongs to you, there are a group of partners around you, happy together, play together, work together, wish together...

In ECO, all colleagues in our big family witness our growths every year