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Cool Plasma Electrosurgical Unit for Urology

ECO Medical applies cool plasma technology to surgical operation. ECO’s cool plasma electrosurgical unit for urology provides a better clinical solution for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Cool plasma technology is also called cool plasma RF ablation because it adopts the same energy emitting method as the traditional RF generator. However, instead of using thermal energy to create coagulation necrosis of body tissues as the working principle of traditional RF, cool plasma uses high-speed kinetic energy of plasma to create tissues’ pyrolysis and gasification directly. Compared with transurethral resection, the advantages of cool plasma electrosurgical unit are low operation temperature, less thermal damage, less pain, and quick recovery, etc.  It can also avoid transurethral resection of prostate syndrome. And current doesn’t pass through the body which helps reduce the obturator nerve reflex. In recent years, with the gradual improvement of plasma equipment and clinical acceptance, cool plasma electrosurgical is likely to replace transurethral resection to become a new "gold standard". 

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